Wellness Check

If you see something,  say something – and maybe save a life!

If you see a dog chained outside for prolonged periods of time:

With no shelter

Barking, crying or screaming

You saw the owner or someones else physically abuse the animal

You are seeing a change in the animal’s weight

You see open wounds

What is considered animal abuse in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin law 951.02 Mistreating animals. No person may treat any animal, whether belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner. “Cruel” is defined as unnecessary and excessive pain or suffering, or unjustifiable injury or death.

You can do the following:

Step 1

Call the police

It starts with a paper trail and documentation. Call the non-emergency number for the district you live in. You can remain anonymous. Be sure to provide an address and detail of your concern. Calling the police starts a paper trail.

Step 2

Call the DNS

Call DNS or enter an automated complaint. If you enter a complaint on-line you will receive a case number for follow-up and a confirmation email.

Step 3

Contact your Alderman.

If there is no intervention with police or DNS, contact your alderman.

Step 4

Contact Us

If the first 3 calls fail, then contact us. We can assess the situation and we may be able to help. We are always here if you have questions or concerns, but understand there may be limits to what we are able to do.