About Us

We are a 501(c)3 organization comprised of a dedicated group of people on a mission to help remove dogs from their outdoor lives on chains while also providing judgment-free assistance to families. We will provide food, education, supplies and care to those who are in need.

 How We Started

Katrine Rasler, the founder of Chained Dogs, established the organization in 2016. However, both her name and the rescue have experienced significant growth and recognition in recent months. The rapid expansion has necessitated the need for additional resources, as the current team consisting of Katrina, two board members, and volunteers is no longer sufficient. This remarkable progress has made a profound impact on our community.

Katrina’s passion for assisting animals developed at a young age. She actively participated in trap-neuter-return (TNR) initiatives alongside her grandmother and later extended her support to several rescue organizations during her teenage years. During her college years, Katrina gained valuable experience working in veterinary clinics and doggy daycares. Eventually, she established her own business focusing on animal care and training. In 2015, she recognized the urgent need to advocate for dogs living their lives confined to chains, enduring adverse weather conditions and a lack of human affection. Since then, her journey has revolved around dedicated, challenging, and gratifying work.

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