Chained Dogs MKE recognizes the importance of finding foster homes for dogs who are often overlooked or neglected. We are seeking individuals who are dedicated to saving these dogs, giving them a voice, and patiently nurturing them until they are ready to receive human love.

When fostering for Chained Dogs MKE, it is crucial for individuals to be prepared for the unique challenges that may arise. The dogs we rescue may not have been temperament tested, and many may not have experienced the touch of a kind human before. Fosters should be ready to provide a safe and secure environment for the dogs, where they can decompress and feel protected.

To support our fosters, Chained Dogs MKE will provide all necessary supplies, including crates, beds, collars, leashes, food, toys, and treats. We will also cover all veterinary needs and offer training if required. We may even attempt to match fosters with volunteers who can assist with day-to-day tasks such as walking, vet appointments, and socialization, depending on the availability of our volunteer staff.

Throughout the fostering process, our adoption coordinator will remain in contact with fosters to ensure they have ongoing support and guidance. We strive to make sure that fostering for Chained Dogs MKE is a positive and rewarding experience for our dedicated volunteers.


Respite fostering is a great option for individuals who want to help dogs but cannot make a long-term commitment. As a respite foster, you would be prepared to take in dogs on an emergency basis. When a dog is surrendered to us, we often have limited time to find foster homes, so respite fosters are essential in providing immediate care.

In addition to emergency placements, respite fosters are also needed when regular fosters go on vacation or work trips. In these cases, the respite foster would play a crucial role in ensuring that the dog is comfortable in the absence of their full-time foster.

If you have a love for dogs, a desire to advocate for them, and have the necessary space to accommodate them, we encourage you to fill out an application. Our team will be in touch to provide more information about our program and address any of your questions or concerns. By becoming a foster, you can make a difference in the lives of dogs who urgently need care and support.


We are always in need of Fosters

Foster Assistance

Help with socializing foster dogs

Wellness Checks / Community Care

Check on a dog’s care

Event Participation

Help with our events

Other roles that might be needed from time to time are application reviewers, grant writing, social media content, & donation collection.